ReliableSpigot Cannon Config

Non-World Settings


Field Default Meaning
tnt-merge true Enables merged TNT (merges nearby TNT and respawns them on explosion to reduce intermediate calculations)
sand-merge true Enables merged sand (merges nearby sand and respawns them on explosion to reduce intermediate calculations)
tnt-sand-cache true Caches TNT and sand movements (so repetitive movements aren't recalculated)
sand-optimized true Sand lighting optimizations
redstone-optimized true Optimized redstone algorithms
explodable-lava false Lava explodes just like a regular block
erase-tnt-above 256 TNT above this y-level will de-spawn
erase-sand-above 256 Sand above this y-level will de-spawn
clean-printer true Removes packet-limiter preventing Schematica from working properly

Obsidian Breaker

Field Default Meaning
enabled true Enables the ability to explode obsidian
tnt-triggers true TNT triggers obsidian-breaker
creeper-triggers false Creeper triggers obsidian-breaker
durability-checker POTATO_ITEM Left/Right click the block with this material to check the durability
durabilities OBSIDIAN: 3, ENCHANTMENT_TABLE: 3, ENDER_CHEST: 3, ENDER_PORTAL_FRAME: 3, ANVIL: 3 Amount of explosions a block of this material can take before breaking


The higher this value, the smaller the explosion size will be inside this material. To make 5-wide nukes for STONE, for example, use about 5. You can also use this to completely customize your scatter patterns. NOTE: If you want obsidian-breaker to work, you much change obsidian to something lower, like 30, because 6000 basically means obsidian will not be registered as effected by the explosion
Field Default
STONE 30.0
ANVIL 6000.0

World Settings


Field Default Meaning
tnt-invisible true Toggle visibility of TNT (stops several types of packets from being sent)
sand-invisible true Toggle visibility of sand (stops several types of packets from being sent)
piston-extend-invisible true Toggle visibility of piston extend animation
random-explosion-size true Randomize explosion size
drop-items-on-explosion false Toggle if items should drop from blocks after being exploded
drop-sand-on-overstack false Toggle if sand items should drop if the cannon overstacks
drop-dispenser-inventory-on-explosion false Toggle if the inventories of dispensers should drop when exploded
tnt-damage false Toggle if players are damaged by tnt explosions
tnt-particles true Toggle whether TNT particles are visible
tnt-sound true Toggle whether TNT sounds are sent
piston-sound true Toggle whether piston sounds are sent
dispenser-sound true Toggle whether dispenser sounds are sent