ReliableSpigot Miscellaneous Config

World Settings

Potions Settings

Field Default Meaning
strength-potion-multiplier 2.5 How much damage is multiplied with Strength I (default: 2.5x)
speed-potion-multiplier 0.2 How much faster you move with Speed I (default: 0.20 = 20%)
regeneration-per-tick 1.0 How many half-hearts given per tick of Regeneration
healing-potion-heal 4 How many half-hearts of healing taken after Healing I
slow-potion-multiplier -0.15 How much faster you move with Slowing I (default: -0.15 = -15%)
harming-potion-damage 6 How many half-hearts of damage taken after Harming I
poison-dmg-per-tick 1.0 How many half-hearts of damage taken per tick of Poison
wither-dmg-per-tick 1.0 How many half-hearts of damage taken per tick of wither

Particles Settings

Field Default
water-particles true
explosion-particles true
smoke-particles true
block-particles true
item-durability-break-particles true
potion-particles true
bow-particles true
spawner-particles true

Fix Settings

Field Default Meaning
cactus-preage 0 How much age the cactus spawns with (max 14; 15 = grow up 1 block)
disable-leaf-decay false Toggle whether leaves decay after tree logs are broken
enable-movement-beyond-border true Toggle whether if player is teleported outside the border, if they can move
disable-enderpearl-spawns-endermite true Toggle whether throwing an enderpearl spawns an endermite
disable-entity-sounds true Toggle whether entities make sound
disable-random-mob-spawns true Toggle whether mobs spawn randomly in darkness
disable-footstep-sounds true Toggle whether footsteps make sound (vastly increases performance)
disable-water-break-redstone true Toggle whether waterflow will break redstone (repeaters, wires, comparators etc.)
disable-cobble-obsidian-from-lava false Toggle whether cobble/obsidian forms when water touches lava
disable-water-in-nether false Toggle whether water can flow in the nether
disable-nether-portal-creation false Toggle whether nether portals can be created
disable-nether-bed-explosion true Toggle whether beds explode in the nether
disable-cactus-damage false Toggle whether players take damage when touching cactus
disable-weather false Toggle whether weather events happen
disable-mob-ai false Toggle whether mobs have AI