ReliableSpigot Mobs Config

Non-World Settings

Spawner Settings

Field Default Meaning
spawn-radius 4 How far the mobs can spawn away from the spawner
player-afk-radius 8 How far a player can stand near a spawner to work
need-players-nearby true If a player needs to be near a spawner for it to work
minimum-spawn-ticks 200 The least amount of ticks to spawn a mob from a spawner
maximum-spawn-ticks 800 The most amount of ticks to spawn a mob from a spawner
spawn-count 4 The amount of mobs to spawn per spawner activate
max-nearby-entities 6 The max amount of entities that can be near in order for the spawner to work
tick-rate 1 How often the server ticks the spawner (increase to spawn faster)
monster-egg-changes-spawner false Toggle whether right clicking a spawner with a monster egg changes that spawner (setting to false fixes not being able to place creeper eggs on spawners)

World Settings

Mobs Settings

Field Default Meaning
merge.enabled false Toggle whether mob stacker/merge is enabled
merge.radius 5 Number of blocks around mob where a merge will trigger
merge.size 100 Max number of mobs to stack in one entity
merge.only-for-spawners true Only stack mobs that spawn from spawners
merge.fall-death-kills-all true Toggle whether falling to death kills the entire stack of mobs
merge.entities BLAZE List which types of entities are stacked
disable-ai false Toggle whether mob AI is enabled
disable-ai-from-spawner false Toggle whether mob AI is enabled if they are a spawner mob
always-drop-exp false Toggle whether mobs always drop experience even if they aren't killed by a player
iron-golem-fall-damage true Toggle whether Iron Golems take fall damage
iron-golem-fall-distance 100 Height Iron Golems must fall in order to die
spawn-zombie-riding-chicken true Toggle whether Zombies can spawn riding Chickens
spawn-zombie-baby true Toggle whether baby Zombies can spawn
spawn-zombie-village true Toggle whether Zombies Villagers can spawn
spawn-skeleton-riding-spider true Toggle whether Skeletons can spawn riding Spiders